Cartwright Killarney Boissevain Settlement Services (CKBSS)

With funding from Immigration Refugee and Ciizenship Canada, the Roblin-Cartwright has been able to administer settlement services to newcomers in the areas surrounding the communities of Cartwright, Killarney, and Boissevain.

CKBSS strives to provide a quality, welcoming resource for newcomers, employers, and community members in those areas. The main objective of CKBSS is to help newcomer individuals and families settle into the communities.

CKBSS provides basic settlement services, including: Information & Orientation sessions and Needs and Assessment Referrals. The vast majority of the services delivered involve assisting newcomers in their dealings with the government, in one form or another:  renewing PR cards, applying to sponsor, applying for benefits (CCB, CPP, etc).

For more information, or to book an appointment int eh community of your choice, please call 204-529-2307, or email You can also contact us on Facebook at