Municipal Council

Cartwright – Roblin Municipality (CRM) is a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Manitoba that incorporated on January 1, 2015 via the amalgamation of the RM of Roblin and the Village of Cartwright. It was formed as a requirement of The Municipal Amalgamations Act, which required that municipalities with a population less than 1,000 amalgamate with one or more neighbouring municipalities by 2015. The Government of Manitoba initiated these amalgamations in order for municipalities to meet the 1997 minimum population requirement of 1,000 to incorporate a municipality.

Cartwright-Roblin Municipality Council meeting dates are subject to change or cancellation as deemed necessary by Council. 

If you wish to attend a council meeting, please contact the office to make arrangements.


Council consists of one Head of Council (HOC), 2 councilors from the urban ward (former Village of Cartwright), and three councilors from the rural ward (former Rural Municipality of Roblin). Currently, council consists of:

Head of Council: Jamie Dousselaere
Jolene McDonald, Chris Hildebrand, and Shayne Kinley, Brent Pawich, Rob Sveinson

(left to right: Rob Sveinson, Brent Pawich, Jolene McDonald, Jamie Dousselaere, Chris Hildebrand, Shayne Kinley)