Emotional Reactions

Emotional Reactions

It is important to realize that after an emergency you may not act like yourself for a while. Most people caught in an emergency usually feel confused.

They may tremble, feel numb, vomit or faint. Immediately after the event they often feel bewildered, shocked, and relieved to be alive. These feelings and reactions are normal.

Later, many survivors sleep poorly, have no appetite, are angry with those around them, or panic at the slightest hint of trouble. Kids may start thumb sucking or bed wetting. These feelings and reactions are normal too.

What to do when dealing with emotional reactions:

• Talk about your feelings.

• Understand your feelings are real.

• Realize that when you suffer a loss, you grieve.

• Recognize you need time to heal.

• Contact any of the Help-Lines listed below.

Help Lines

Family Services and Housing —- 1-866-626-4862

Kids Help Phone —- 1-800-668-6868 (24/7)

Klinic Crisis Line —- 1-888-322-3019  (24/7)

Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services —- 1-866-367-3276  (M-F, 10am – 9pm)

Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line —- 1-877-435-7170  (24/7)

Mobile Crisis Unit —- 1-888-379-7699  (24/7)

Seniors Abuse Support Line 1-888-896-7183  (24/7)

Sexual Assault Crisis Line —- 1-888-292-7565  (24/7)