NEW!!  In the Cartwright-Roblin Municipality Recycling program - we are now accepting aerosol cans!

Will you help us by removing all lids from plastic bottles?  Lids are made from a different type of plastic which melts at different temperatures and so go through a different recycling process due to their chemical composition.  At this time, our recycling program cannot use plastic recycling numbers 3 or 6.

DID YOU KNOW... Scientists estimate it will take between 500 and 1000 years to decompose a plastic bag.  Even so, only 1% of the billions produced every year are recycled.  Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce use of plastic in our daily lives.  Use canvas, paper or cloth tote bags when shopping.  Reuse plastic bags as many times as possible.  Recycle plastic bags at recycling bins in grocery and department stores.  Make your own unique tote from an old t-shirt by cutting off the sleeves and neckline, turning the t-shirt inside out and sewing the bottom closed.  Turn your new tote right side out and you're ready for your next trip to the store!  By making these small adjustments to daily activities, you can help reduce plastic waste, protect wildlife, the Red River, and your own health.  To donate your old t-shirts to be made into totes, or to volunteer to help make the totes, visit

DID YOU KNOW... Aluminum cans are made from bauxite, an ore mined from the earth.  It doesn't decompose or break down.  When recycled, aluminum is melted down and reshaped into new cans.  Aluminum can be recycled endlessly.  Every year, 280 billion (280,000,000,000) aluminum cans are made worldwide.

DID YOU KNOW... What recycled plastic bottles are turned into?

Recycled PET bottles can be turned into new containers for beverages, salad dressing and household cleaning products. Many of the large beverage producers are now producing PET bottles with increasing amounts of recycled PET – even up to 100 per cent recycled content! It can also become the fabric in your clothes, the fiberfill in your coat, and the upholstery and carpeting around your house. In fact, recycling just five two-litre bottles can produce enough polyester for a square yard of carpet.

Recycled HDPE is turned into sturdier products like plastic lumber, patio furniture, roadside curbs, benches and truck cargo liners. It’s also used to make recycling bins – talk about full circle!

For those of you who are not currently recycling, maybe now is a good time to start. The Recycling Depot, located at 515 Curwen Street in Cartwright, is open 24 hours a day. Sorting non-recyclable material is time consuming and costly. Please check at the depot or contact the Municipal Office for a current list of accepted items.

You are urged to please follow these basic “Dos & Don’ts” for both the safety of the employees and the acceptance of recycled materials by our recyclers and end users.


• Bag or box your recyclables properly. Loose items may blow out and create a mess. (This applies to clean burn as well.)

• Separate the items if possible.

• Box and label broken glass as such.
• Rinse all containers, bottles and cans.
• Please bundle, tie or tape lumber, tarps and plastic sheeting.

• Please have metal banding bundled and tied.
• Please have branches and yard waste bundled and tied, no longer than 4 ft lengths.



• Do not mix garbage with recyclables.
• Do not put labels, seeds, nuts or any other foreign objects into bottles. They will not be accepted.
• Do not put cardboard with paper products.
• Do not expect your wastes or recyclables to be picked up inside your place of business. They should be ready curbside or outside for pickup and should be securely placed so that wind will not scatter items.

Recycling benefits us financially and reduces landfill costs and space, not to mention the fact that it is returned to you, the consumer, as a new product.

Please keep up the good work and please pitch in. Thank you!

Good for our Community! Good for our planet!